Ambassador Points


 Our Ambassador Program lets you collect pre-determined points for just about anything you do with your horse.  As long as the event is open to the public, you can accrue points.  You receive more points for non-competitive events, but you do receive points for things like horse shows.  You will be required to keep track on a log sheet and mail them in monthly.  Every 100 points you accrue will be recognized at our annual Awards Banquet with an award.  Contact Gail Bergen for further information:

Use the form below to mail your points to Gail.

Milestone Points


 Keep track of any HRC or other organized trail rides that you do with your horse and the mileage accrued for each ride.  Mileage sheets are sent in monthly, and your mileage is tracked.  For certain milestones (every 250 miles) you are recognized at our annual Awards Banquet with an award.  Please note: Annual mileage for non-HRC organized trail rides will count towards the Milestone Program only when a member has attended two of the following: Versatility, Trail Ride, and/or BEACH Ride.  Parades do not count toward Milestone points.  Contact Charlene Stober for further information:

Use the form below to send your points to Charlene.

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Ambassador Points as of 12/2018

Aguiar, Rebecca/Impressive Butterfly - 10

Anthony, Denise/Angelina - 149
Balmes, Hadley Rae/Pennies For Pleasure - 18
Billings, Emily/Can You Believe It - 75
Bryant, Rite/Zee Zee Zip - 91
DeMorra, Jeffrey/Little Angel Of Willowood - 3
Devine, Kathy/Pilar - 194
Donnelley, Sara/On A Shoe String - 16
Lancellotta, Audrey/Oakley - 6
Lavoie, Josephine/Talent Show - 6
Levin, Reva/Simba's Pride - 122
   /The Lite Version - 76
MacDonald, Kathy/Suzie Q. - 22
Marino, Mark/Rio - 10
Marino, Ross/ Oakley - 8
  /Chalice's Sir Capt'n Morgan - 4
Martin, Sarah/ Jay Cross Hancock - 2
Mendoza, Danielle/Talent Show - 48
Rober, Mason/Simba's Pride. - 28
Rogers, Heather/Mini Miss - 121
   /PJ's Pandora - 18
   /Simple Vested - 24
Rogers, Patricia/PJ's Pandora - 130
   /Mini Miss - 26
Shea, Micaela/RE Cash Bar - 62
Sparda, Jane/Lady Shareeis Choice - 551
  /Pretty Dreamy - 41
Stewart, Marcia/Jessie - 18
Stober, Charlene's/Foxy Tin Tiara - 290
Stober, Dave/Chiefs Tuff Stuff - 33
Truelson, Jennifer/Holidaze Slim Shady - 24

Milestone Points as of 8/2019

Dianne Lockwood / Widgie   829.6

Charlene Stober / Foxy Tin Tiara    654

Jane Sparda / Pretty Dreamy    188.5

David Stober / Chief's Tuff Stuff    118

Jenn Truelson / Slim Shady    41

Stephanie Gomes / Castle Ridge Truly Above    38

Bruce Chase / Jack    15

Kathy McDonald / Suzy Q    15

Jackie Letendre / Midnight Sun Glow    15

Sydney Letendre / Leap of Faith    15